Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare my child for concerts?
Before you go, do a quick check of the performance detail sheet – does your child have the right uniform, and all of the pieces? Have they eaten something? Do they have any special instructions for packing lunch?  Are they well hydrated (but not so hydrated they need to use the restroom all the time?)  Did they put on deodorant?  Remind them NOT to put on any perfume!  For younger children new to choir, remind them that you will see them at the end of the concert, and if they have any questions or concerns they should talk with the Choir mom or dad who will be with them backstage.

What does call time mean?
The call time listed on Performance Details Sheets is the time that your singer should be on stage and ready to rehearse. His or her uniform should be on and any bathroom needs addressed prior to this time. We recommend you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your child’s call time to ensure you are on time.

Why can’t the children just come 30 minutes before a performance rather than several hours?
The call times are scheduled to allow all the choirs performing to have their dress rehearsal. With 7 resident choirs, we must leave ample time for each choir to rehearse on stage and time for them to rehearse any finales. This schedule allows us to have the dress rehearsal and performance in the same day, rather than needing to attend an additional dress rehearsal.

Why do I have to purchase a ticket to my children’s choir performance?
CYC has a contractual agreement with CCM to provide facilities and various services, including Box Office. As a non-profit organization, CYC’s budget takes into consideration the revenue derived from ticket sales when determining tuition.

What time do the doors open before a CYC concert?
The doors open approximately 30 minutes prior to the show.

Why are performances scheduled at 5pm, so close to dinner time?
CYC uses Corbett Auditorium and other CCM facilities for most concerts. These facilities are shared with other performance needs of CCM students and the Preparatory Department. We must work within the schedule of available facilities.

Dismissal Times
Please note that the CYC staff does their very best to estimate the ending times for concerts, but occasionally they will run longer – in most cases, they are estimates so don’t be surprised if they are not dismissed at the exact time listed.  Also, note that if a concert is ever done early, the CYC staff will supervise the children until their ride arrives.

I have an extra ticket or I need an extra ticket for a concert. What can I do?
Please go to the Parent Facebook site and post the information there. Other parents may be in need of a ticket or have an extra and this Facebook site is a great way to communicate.

Can I get a recording of my children’s concert?
Streaming sites will be provided so that you can purchase a recording of CYC concerts about 4-6 weeks after the performance.

Does CYC videotape any of the concerts?
No, the cost to produce a video is extremely high because of the demands to have multiple camera angles. CYC will continue to evaluate this possibility in the future, but at this time there is no plan to produce video recordings.

Who should I inform if my child will need to miss a rehearsal or concert?

If you are in one of the resident choirs that rehearse at UC/CCM please email Kathleen Riemenschneider or leave a voice message on the CYC Office phone 513-556-0338.

Who should I contact if my child will not be able to attend a performance or rehearsal at the last minute due to illness or an emergency?

If you are in one of the resident choirs that rehearse at UC/CCM, please email Kathleen Riemenschneider or call the CYC Office phone 513-556-0338.


What happens in rehearsal?
When your singer arrives at rehearsal (a music term vs. practice, which is a sports term), they will check in with their Choir Manager and go to their assigned seats. The conductor will warm up their voices, run through any new pieces, and then rehearse those pieces in parts.  At the end they will have a final run-through of the songs.

Parking for rehearsal:

Parking is available on and near the University of Cincinnati campus. Value Passes to the CCM Garage are available from the CCM Prep Office. You may purchase a pass for either 3-hour or 5-hour visits. These passes are multi-use and may be used as many times as you need to come to CCM during the semester/Season.

Parking passes may be purchased in person, over the phone (513-556-2595) during regular business hours, or online at When purchasing over the phone or online, parking passes require two business days of processing time. These passes will be held at the CCM Preparatory Office for pickup, unless you request that they mail yours to you.

If you are paying cash, you will need to go to the Parking Kiosk located at the main entrance in the CCM Garage (level P3), and use the machine to pay your parking and get a receipt to use when exiting the parking garage. If you are using a credit card you may pay at the kiosk, or at the gate on your way out.

Why is the CCM parking lot sometimes cash only?
UC uses the CCM lot for a variety of events, concerts, basketball games, football games, etc. When there are special events they place a sign at the entrance that will state the price and cash only. Sometimes other lots nearby are cheaper and you can park there instead. IF YOU HAVE A PARKING PASS you can use it on the cash-only days. However, remember to swipe your card on the way out, otherwise, it will still be counting your hours as parked in the garage.

My child is Vivace or Allegro? Can I just drop them off/pick them up in the CCM circle, so I don’t have to park?
To ensure the safety of all our singers, DO NOT leave them alone on UC’s campus. All Vivace & Allegro parents should go into the CCM parking garage, proceed to the bottom level P1 and park your car. Please walk your child into the choir room  (Corbett Center, Room 1340) and have them sign in with the Choir Manager. Once your singer is checked in you may leave and come back to choir to check your singer out or stay and watch the rehearsal. Singers in Vivace and Allegro will not be dismissed until a parent has arrived; they may not walk alone to meet you in another location.

My child is in Con Brio, Bel Canto, Voci Sopra or Voci Sonore, can I drop them off/pick them up at the CCM circle?

Singers in these choirs can be dropped at the CCM circle, walk straight into the building, and go to their room. Con Brio, Voci Sopra, and Bel Canto- Dieterle Vocal Arts Center (DVAC 100); Voci Sonore -Mary Emery Hall 3244. Parents can wait in their cars in the CCM circle for their children to walk out. However, please do not block the drive from the flow of traffic, particularly the shuttle bus. Stay in your car and be prepared to drive around the circle, if needed.

My child is in Piccolo Coro, can I drop them off/pick them up outside the building on the UC/CCM campus?

To ensure the safety of all our singers, they should not be left alone on campus. Please walk your child to the rehearsal room and make sure they are checked in with the Choir Manager. Please pick up your singer and check them out at the end of rehearsal.

Can I get a carpool list?
Yes, please email Kathleen Riemenschneider and she can send a list of families in your choir by zip code so that you can contact families that might live nearby and be able to carpool with to choir.

Can I sit in on my child’s rehearsal? 
While parents are welcome to sit in rehearsals, it can become a distraction if the singer focuses on your presence rather than the conductor. Judge accordingly. Please make sure if you attend rehearsal, that your cell phones are silenced, and you are not otherwise a distraction to the rehearsal. If you have other children with you we ask that you stay in the hallway area instead of the rehearsal hall, as they tend to become a distraction to our singers.


Is there anywhere to get a bite to eat or coffee near the CYC rehearsal spaces?
Yes, there is a Starbucks located in the CCM Corbett Center building on the 4th floor.

From the Vivace and Allegro room, walk back toward the parking garage and find the elevator in the hallway. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. Exit the elevator and turn left down a hallway, turn left again and then right. Continue until the end of the hall way and turn left. The Starbucks is on your right. The Starbucks has special hours when UC is not in session, but in the evenings is generally open until 9pm.

From the Corbett lobby, walk down the long hallway to your right, walk up the staircase at the end of the hall to the 4th floor. Starbucks is on your right.

Are there other restaurants nearby?
If you exit through the courtyard and walk up the hill to Calhoun Street there are a variety of restaurants available (Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera, Myra’s Dionysus, Krishna Indian, Jimmy Johns, Potbelly, Currito Burritos, Chipotle, Brass Tap, Keystone Bar & Grill, Toppers, Firehouse Subs, Bagel Brothers, etc…)

Tangeman University Center, located behind CCM across from the stadium, also has several food options located on the first and second floor (Bearcat Café, Taco Bell, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Papa Johns, & Kuma Na’ko Sushi.) Hours of operation vary depending on location, and are often shorter if classes are not in session.

Where is the nearest ATM machine?
The nearest ATM is located in Tangeman University Center –PNC Machines: Level 2 Food Court; Level 3 Opposite Mick and Mack’s, Level 3 North Vestibule; 5/3 Machines: Level 2 Vestibule; US Bank Machines: Level 2 Bookstore.

Miscellaneous Questions:

Tips for keeping organized (particularly for Bel Canto)
At the beginning of the season, go out to the CYC website and look under the Choir Members tab.  Navigate to your child’s specific link, and look at the Performance Detail section and print out any detail sheets for your child’s choir.  Then do the same at the beginning of every month to make sure you are up to date on what is coming up.  A day or two before the concert review the online version of the Performance detail sheets to make sure you are looking at the most recent information and times. If you child has email have their email added to the database mailing lists, so that he/she can also receive the updates and help be responsible for making sure you are following the correct information.

How do I purchase Spirit Wear?
CYC offers a variety of Spirit wear available for purchase. Styles range from long and short sleeve t-shirts screen printed with the CYC Logo to Sweatshirts, either with a hood or without, also sporting the distinguished CYC Logo.   Spirit wear is sold at many concerts throughout the year, as well as by special order.   Please consult the CYC website under your choir’s Uniform tab for more information.

What can I do to help CYC?
Get involved!! Sign up for the Cincinnati Youth Choir Parent Organization Facebook site, help with the parent group by bringing your ideas and energy; volunteer at rehearsals, volunteer at concerts, and donate funds to CYC to help provide scholarships.

Do I need to purchase an ad for the program booklet?

Yes, each year CYC offers a program book, which is a huge marketing tool for the choir. It is given out at each concert as well as on our tours while visiting other choirs, organizations, and countries. As part of the choir program, each member is required to buy/sell $100 in program ads which is already included in your tuition. You may sell your ad to friends, family or businesses at which time your $100 ad fee will be reimbursed or applied as a credit to your tuition fee. If you prefer not to create an ad, you will be listed as a Patron Supporter (i.e. The Smith Family).