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Welcome to the alumni page for singers who have ever sung with the Cincinnati Youth Choir, Cincinnati Children’s Choir, or the Children’s Choir of Greater Cincinnati any time between 1993-present.

We want to get back in touch with as many alumni as possible!  Please take a moment to fill out this form and let us know what you’re up to. You can also tell us what kinds of alumni events you’re interested in and if you’d like to volunteer to help build tomorrow’s leaders one voice at a time!


For CYC’s 31th Anniversary we’re hoping to get as many former members involved in the Alumni Choir, Voci di Amici as possible.

We will be performing at CCM Feast of Carols and at CYC’s December concert.
Rehearsals 1-3 – The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton
October 22, 6:00-7:30 (meet for dinner beforehand?)
November 5, 6:00-7:30
November 29, 6:00-7:30
Performances 1-2
December 3 @ CCM, 1:15 rehearsal
                 2:00 and 5:00 Feast of Carols
December 9, CYC Concert @ CCM
TBD call
5:00 concert


Can’t make all of the rehearsals? We still want you. I’ll send you the music and do my best to hook you up with recordings. I’ll have a new Google sign in to indicate your conflicts so I can plan ahead. But you know, the more we can be together, the more we become one sound and your artistry as an ensemble shines!Costs:

Please understand that running the alumni choir does come with costs to CYC. It is not just purchasing music but staffing a pianist, help with marketing and administration who are people on the staff that we need to compensate for their time, purchasing music, and more.

Like the resident choirs, it costs about $300/semester per person to run a program like this. I know some of you have careers that enable that amount while others are still building their lives, careers, families, and future. Rather than requiring $300 per person, and knowing we offered the program to you for merely $50 each in previous years, I opted to simply be honest. If you are able to make a donation to CYC in the amount of $300 each semester, that would be so deeply welcomed. If you are only able to do the $50, you will not be questioned and it will be confidential. If you are able to do more and help cover a colleague in need, we and they would welcome that support.

Payments can be made by Venmo, @Cincinnati_Youth_Choir, or online at:

CYC (CCC) has always been a family. We have each other’s backs and we make incredible music together. It is most important that we sing together. We need it. Our world needs it, especially as society still is struggling during this endemic time.

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Alumni Updates

See what your fellow CCC alumni are up to!
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 2017 Updates:

Caitlyn Lana (1999-2011)

Caitlyn moved back to Ohio after teaching for two years in Texas! She will be teaching 6th grade orchestra and assisting at with middle school and high school orchestra in Mason City Schools. “I am so excited to be back in Cincinnati and working with CCC again on the Alumni tour.”

Lauren Morris (1996-2000)

Lauren is now a Financial Planner, and a managing member of Retirement Plan Advisors, Ltd. She is a proud dog mom, and she finally learned how to poach eggs!

Jennifer Hadley (2011-2014)

Jennifer is currently applying to medical schools!

Tara Traxler (2004 – 2010)

Tara will be getting married on October 7th of this year! She just finished her Masters in Music at the University of Oklahoma and is hunting for a teaching job at a local college or university.

Jillian Phillips (2001 – 2004)

Jillian will be graduating with her Master’s in English Literature in May 2018.

Rebekah Mabalot (1995 – 2000)

Rebekah got married in 2013. Since leaving CCC she has sung in many other choirs including MUSE, St John’s Choir, Voices of the Commonwealth, and is now a member of Young Professionals’ Choral Collective (YPCC)

Ted Rosenberry (1998-2002)

Ted has launched his own blog and podcast website,, a dream that he has had for quite some time. He and his wife, Eileen Parry, have recently bought our first home in Lebanon, Ohio where we live with their dog, Scrappy-Doo.

Kaylaya Crutcher (1998-2002)

Kaylaya got married in 2013, and had a daughter, Shyanne, in 2014, and a son, Gideon, in 2016.