CYC Choir Members Handbook

  1. CYC maintains a respectful environment at all times and is a safe place for all singers, staff and parents. Immediate dismissal is possible if this policy is violated by a singer or parent.
  2. Arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal time and immediately check in with your Choir Manager. Late arrivals must always check in before taking their seat.
  3. Give any forms, payments, permission slips, etc. to the Choir Manager at the check-in table/area. Please do not hand any payments to your conductor or the artistic staff.
  4. Do not roam the building or campus at any time. Students should stay in the rehearsal area. We are guests of CCM and any other venue we rehearse/perform in. Please do not run, yell, or demonstrate any other disrespectful behavior.
  5. A tightly sealed water bottle containing water is all that will be permitted in rehearsals.
  6. Pay attention to the Director at all times and do not talk or in any way distract other singers.
  7. All singers are assigned numbered folders and music. Always bring your CYC bag, music, pencil, and any other hand-outs given by the director for the singer’s use. All markings in music should be made lightly in pencil. Do not fold or roll music. If music is not returned a fine will be issued.
  8. If a singer is unable to actively participate in the rehearsal, s/he should still bring all necessary materials and observe quietly. It will benefit the singer to quietly listen when experiencing a minor illness rather than stay home and miss rehearsal completely.
  9. For in person rehearsals shirts/tops must be long enough to tuck into pants and must have enough neckline to cover all cleavage and must cover shoulders. Questionable clothing will be addressed with the choir director and student.
  10. ALL cell phones must be turned off prior to entering the rehearsal space. There is to be no texting, photography or playing with phones during rehearsal. It is our belief that phones are not needed during rehearsal at all. If a singer is discovered using a phone in any way during rehearsal, s/he could be considered for removal from the choir program.
  1. Singers should arrive ten minutes before the scheduled call and check in with the Performance Manager.
  2. If a singer is late for the scheduled call, the singer may be excluded from the concert.
  3. All singers should arrive dressed for the performance as listed in the performance detail sheet provided on our website.
  4. All singers must demonstrate that the music has been fully memorized and have an artistic understanding of the performance repertoire prior to the dress rehearsal. If the singer is unprepared they may be excluded from the concert.
  5. If a singer feels ill during a performance, s/he should sit down where s/he is standing. If the singer is feeling better at the end of the song, s/he may stand up again. If not, please quietly leave the stage. There will be parent volunteers watching and ready to assist. For his/her own safety, once a singer leaves the stage, the singer may not return to the stage.
  6. Please remember that the singers are representing the Cincinnati Youth Choir and act as ambassadors of the community. Best behavior is expected.
  1. The primary mode of communication is email and social media. Text messages through Remind101 are used for emergency situations. Please watch for information on how to sign up to receive these free texts. Parents are responsible for reading all emails from CYC staff.
  2. Parents are responsible for delivering their child safely to rehearsal. Please do not leave your child unattended on campus. Additionally, parents are responsible for promptly picking up their singers. A CYC staff member will remain with singers until parents arrive. For their safety, be sure your child knows who is picking them up from rehearsal. Children are asked to let the office know if someone shows up that they were not expecting.
  3. Parents are welcome to observe rehearsals.
  4. Final dress rehearsal and pre-performance rehearsals will always be closed to the audience, including families. Only the assigned chaperones will be allowed into the dress rehearsal area prior to a performance. Performance halls will remain closed to all audience members, including parents, until 30 minutes prior to a scheduled concert.

Choir Parent Code of Conduct 

The CYC Board and staff have implemented the following Choir Parent Code of Conduct. Parents must read, understand and sign the Commitment & Medical Emergency Form  prior to their child’s participation. Any parent who breaks this Code of Conduct at any concert or rehearsal will be asked to leave the facility. Repeat violations may cause an extended period of suspension.

The essential elements of character building and ethics in choral art are embodied in the concept of acceptable conduct and six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. Member singers will reach their highest potential when participation reflects these six “pillars of character”.

  1. I will support my child’s choice to participate in choir.
  2. I will remember that children participate to have fun, learn through positive experiences, and through this, high artistry can be achieved.
  3. I (and my guests) will be a positive role model for my child. I will be encouraging by showing respect, courtesy and positive support for all singers, directors, staff, volunteers and audience
  4. I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of negative conduct with any director, singer, staff, volunteer, or parent.
  5. My expectation is that my child will treat other singers, directors, staff and volunteers with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  6. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is most important so that my child will never feel undervalued.
  7. I will emphasize and support the benefit of musicianship skill development and the learning and team building that goes on in rehearsals.
  8. I will respect the directors and their authority during rehearsals and concerts. I will never question, discuss, or confront directors in front of other singers and families, and will schedule a time to speak with directors privately.
  9. I will address concerns with the director of the choir directly before bringing concerns to others. If I do not receive a response, I will address my concerns with the Artistic Director.  If I do not receive a response, I will address my concerns to the Parent Liaison serving on the CYC Board of Directors.
  10. I understand that my responsibilities include setting an example for children and that any breech of those responsibilities will result in my inability to attend rehearsals or performances if deemed necessary by the administrative or artistic staff or Board of Directors.

Attendance Policies

Cincinnati Youth Choir is an award winning, nationally and internationally respected choral organization. It provides a unique experience to all singers and requires a high level of commitment and responsibility. Each child is independently important to the success of the program. Just as with any other team effort, the success of the choir is reliant on the consistent attendance of all of its members.

Please consult school calendars, sports calendars, and family calendars early in the year to identify possible conflicts. We strongly encourage that each of our singers be members and leaders of their school choruses. The only exceptions are when the school music program requires that students choose between instrumental ensembles and chorus or when the child’s advanced education schedules do not allow time for participation therefore leaving CYC as the only alternative for choral study.

CYC members are expected to treat school performances as a priority over a CYC performance unless otherwise negotiated between a CYC conductor and the school director. School performances are identified as performances for which a grade in school will be given (orchestra, band, choir concert); not an extracurricular activity (school plays, musicals etc.).

Mandatory Rehearsals and Performances

All rehearsals and performances are mandatory unless otherwise indicated on the choir calendar.

An absence for any reason from a final rehearsal (“dress rehearsal”) may result in the singer being excluded from the following concert and is up to the discretion of the conductor.

Attendance Requirements and Notification Procedures

  1. Excused Absence from Rehearsals and Performances: A choir member may be considered excused for:
    • Illness
    • Death in the family
    • Conflict with a mandatory school performance/commitment
  2. Absences that occur for any reason other than those stated as excused will be considered on an individual basis by the child’s choir director. Homework is not considered a valid excuse for a performance. Singers should plan ahead. Any absences determined unexcused may result in dismissal from the program. Tuition will not be refunded.
  3. Notification of planned absences must be sent in as early as possible and no less than 30 days prior so that the artistic staff can plan accordingly.
  4. All written absence notification regarding performance conflicts will be reviewed by the staff on an individual basis and determined “excused” or “unexcused” based on the degree the absence would compromise the choir and its performance and/or the conflict expressed.
  5. If written notification is NOT submitted prior to a performance, the absence will be considered unexcused, no matter the reason (excluding a sudden death or illness).
  6. Habitual tardiness will be regarded as lack of commitment and may result in dismissal from the program, and will affect advancement in the program.

Parking is available on and near the University of Cincinnati campus. UC Parking system is now cashless.

Parking Passes are available to CYC students and families only for the CCM Parking Garage. These passes are available for purchase each academic year or by semester for up to 3 hours or up to 5 hours each use. These passes are only available through the CCM Prep Office’s online link ( or by calling and ordering from them directly. Please call the Prep Department if you have any questions about these passes (513) 556-2595. CYC is unable to help with any parking issues. Discrepancies with passes can only be worked out through UC Parking Services and are out of the control of CYC.

On street parking is also available. Please do not leave your car unattended in the CCM circle. You will be ticketed in that area and may block emergency vehicles.

There will be several nights throughout the year that will conflict with CCM performances or UC sporting events. Parking may be more difficult at these times. Should you arrive during one of these events and find Corry Street blocked by UC Police or Parking Services, simply show the attendant your Parking Pass and you will be allowed through to the CCM area. If you do not have a Parking Pass, you will need to speak with the attendant to let them know why you need to enter the CCM area for drop-off /pick-up

Directions to CCM

I-71 from the north:

Take William Howard Taft (exit 3); continue on Taft one mile to Jefferson Avenue. Turn right on Jefferson, then make an immediate left at the light onto Corry Boulevard. The CCM Village and parking garage are at the base of Corry Boulevard.

I-71 from the south:

Take the Reading Road (exit 2); continue north on Reading one mile; veer left at fork onto Burnet Ave. Turn left on William Howard Taft, then right onto Jefferson and make an immediate left at the light onto Corry Boulevard. The CCM Village and parking garage are at the base of Corry Boulevard.

I-75 from the north or south:

Take Hopple Street (exit 3). At light, turn left. Cross Central Parkway; go up hill (Martin Luther King Drive) past the UC campus to Jefferson Avenue. Turn right on Jefferson, then turn right on Corry Boulevard (2nd light). The CCM Village and parking garage are at the base of Corry Boulevard.

Door-to-door online directions:

For door-to-door directions, go to Google Directions and use “W Corry St and Jefferson Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45221” as your destination address. After following the directions provided, continue west on W Corry St. until it ends at the entrance to the CCM garage.

If the University closes, the information will be announced on all media outlets. In addition, we will issue a notice on the website, through e-mails, on the CYC, C3PO and Bel Canto Facebook pages and via text through Remind101. CYC also reserves the right to cancel rehearsals when the University remains open but staff members have concern about the safety of choir members and families en route.  All CYC cancellations will be announced through email/posted on our facebook page and groups, and our website.

CYC produces a program book each year. In order to produce the book, ad sales are a required part of the CYC program. The $75 required advertising fee is included in the choir tuition. Ads for your child are due CYC by October 31, 2023.

Download: CYC Program ad template

Email completed ad to Lisa Clark,

Some families choose to sell ads/gather sponsorships to support the program book. Program book advertising information is online and will also be emailed out to all families in September.

Occasionally, you will have the option to participate in fundraising efforts through 3CPO. Some events will assist with travel expenses, the Parent Association as they organize social events for the singers and families. Your volunteer hours are essential in organizing and executing the drives. We thank you in advance for your support.

Anyone interested in chairing a fundraising project should prepare a thorough description of the project and give it to the 3CPO Chairs.

Responsibilities of a Project Chair:

  • Order, distribute, and store items sold.
  • Keep accurate record of products sold and profits earned.
  • Supply information and handouts.

We expect each singer who has made a commitment to sing for the entire season to follow through with that commitment. However, if an unusual situation arises which would make it impossible for the singer to honor that commitment, out of respect for the program we would request that the family communicate their decision to the conductor in person or via a written resignation email. All refunds will be less $100 fee. No refunds will be made after October 1, 2023.

All official CYC information will be distributed through the CYC Office, website, Social Media, and through the email service Constant Contact.  Any other communication should not be considered accurate unless otherwise stated.

Personal Email, Postal Addresses, Telephone Numbers
We won’t trade, rent or sell any of these to third parties. The only time these items will be distributed is if a CYC family requests a carpool list of people in their area.  If you do not wish to appear on these lists, please contact our Director of Operations immediately.