Goodsearch is a simple way to make a difference – each time you search the web (though Yahoo!-powered Goodsearch), shop online (at the 2,800+ stores on Goodshop) or dine out (at 10,000 Gooddining restaurants), we’ll make a donation to your favorite cause. We know you have limited time and money and we’ve created our products to make giving back easy.

Search the Internet with our patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine (just like you’d search on any other search engine), and we’ll donate about a penny for nearly all searches to your selected cause.

CYC has raised $1,289 since 2007.  If everyone does just one search a day on GoodSearch, we could improve this donation tremendously! A cool feature is that you can instantly see how much you have raised for CYC! You can also see who are our top supporters!

Support CYC by making your home page goodsearch and doing your searches through

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