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Raise Your Voice for Choral Music

Funding for the arts is always in flux. On the national level funding for the National Endowment for the Arts is currently in danger, which in turn can affect the funds available for the Ohio Arts Council.

Our shared love of choral music is in danger of becoming obsolete. The growing scarcity of music in our schools will very likely have a negative impact on the future of our potential audiences and also the number of future skilled chorus members. If children are not exposed to choral music, why would it become part of their later adult lives?

Because of this alarming fact shared CYC has decided to take an active role in advocating for the choral art form. Join us in our advocacy efforts and raise your voice for choral music.

Be Present: Attend CYC concerts and invite your friends to support the music of today. Bring your children and grandchildren to our family-friendly events!

Lift Up Your Voice: Go to your school district’s board meetings and tell board members how much you value their music program and CYC school partnerships.

Give for the Future: Your financial support today for educational offerings such as the Cincinnati Choral Academy, CPS Honor Choir, and the Crescendo Project makes it possible for CYC to cultivate the musicians of tomorrow.

Join Ohio Citizens for the Arts: They provide simple ways you can connect with your legislators regarding important arts issues facing Ohio Arts programs.

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