#createanewsongtogether and win!

Help us spread the word about how much you love CYC and why others should join, and you could win a grand prize that every singer will enjoy: A new Apple iPad, iPad stand, and ring light so you can create like a pro!
To enter:
Select any or all submission options below and follow the directions provided. You can submit as many entries as you would like to, but please note in order for your submissions to be entered into the drawing for our grand prize you must add your photo/video to our entry form by CLICKING HERE.  The submission deadline is December 31, 2021 and the prize winner will be determined by a random drawling from all entries submitted on our form. You do not have to have any social media accounts to enter, but you do have to submit your photo/video using the online form to be registered to win. We will share all entries on our social media pages for people to enjoy!
Submission option 1 – Take a photo in a CYC choir shirt, at a CYC concert, or with your best choir buddies.  Post it on your/ a parent’s social media platform, tag all of your friends and CYC,  and use #createanewsongtogether in your post. Remember to submit it on our entry form as well to be entered to win!
Submission option 2 – Create a dance challenge using one of our CYC choir song tracks below. Have fun with this submission! The dance moves can be anything you want from contemporary, jazz, ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, even krump! You don’t necessarily have to match the vibe of the music track you are using. Be quirky, have fun, and we might even get our conductors to participate in your challenge! Post your video on your social pages including TikTok and tag your friends and CYC,  and include #createanewsongtogether in your post. Remember to submit it on our entry form as well to be entered to win!
We will do Miracles
Barn Dance
Submission option 3 (open to Bel Canto, Con Brio, & Voci) – Share a song you have created, or create a new version of a choir song you love and get your friends & followers to duet your performance. Feel free to sing the song however you interpret it to add your unique voice to the classics. Do them a cappella, with your own piano or guitar accompaniment, or feel free to use a piano track below. Post your video on your social pages including TikTok, tag your friends and CYC, and use #createanewsongtogether in your post.
One Voice
Bridge Over Troubled Water

We want new singers to join because they see how much fun and talent we have at CYC! We can’t wait to #createanewsongtogether with everyone in 2022!