About Us

Cincinnati Children’s Choir

Ensemble-in-Residence at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
Preparatory Department

The award winning Cincinnati Children’s Choir is an educationally based choral ensemble program.

Participants learn healthy vocal technique, sight-reading, music history and music theory while experiencing performance excellence using the philosophies and techniques of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, Jacques Dalcroze and Jerome Brunner.

The learning environment is creative, explorative and fun.  The children form lasting relationships with children outside of their community and develop a lifelong appreciation of music.

CCC members have toured Scandinavia, England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, and the United States.

Contact the Cincinnati Children’s Choir:

Cincinnati Children’s Choir
University of Cincinnati
College-Conservatory of Music
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0236

Phone: (513) 556-0338

Email: choir@cincinnatichoir.org


It is the mission of the Cincinnati Children’s Choir to offer all children the opportunity to experience musical excellence in a creative environment.

Participants demonstrate musical understanding, artistry, achievement and confidence through passionate performances and collaborations with premier ensembles and children’s choirs throughout the world. The Cincinnati Children’s Choir (CCC) builds stronger communities by creating a comprehensive foundation that supports music educators and develops tomorrow’s leaders.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir envisions a thriving global community strengthened and transformed by musical artistry.


It is the goal of the CCC program:

  • To educate children of any background.
  • To offer every child an opportunity to experience musical excellence in a developmentally appropriate, sequential setting.
  • To expose singers and their audiences to superb choral repertoire including sacred, secular and world music.
  • To encourage, promote and perform new compositions for children’s choir.
  • To demonstrate in performance the knowledge and skills gained.
  • To strengthen self-confidence in all who participate.
  • To offer a venue for young musicians to create, socialize, learn and perform with others from Greater Cincinnati and the world.
  • To provide opportunities to sing with musicians from other cultures to gain understanding and respect for global diversity.
  • To support music educators through clinics, seminars and networking opportunities.