The Cincinnati Children’s Choir provides a learning environment that is creative and nurturing. Singers are informed and reflective building upon their knowledge and musical understanding as they become independent musicians.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir enjoys collaborating with area music educators, composers and arts organizations. Joint ventures enable a greater exposure of CCC to the community and provide our singers with invaluable learning opportunities.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir provides entertaining programming of artistic and cultural merit that promotes unity and understanding between people of varied backgrounds. CCC strives to support the Greater Cincinnati community by providing training and networking opportunities for music professionals, providing choral opportunities for children in far reaching suburbs and collaborating with various cultural organizations.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir continually seeks to provide relevant and exciting programming to the Greater Cincinnati area as well as to the national and international choral community. Through regional, national and international festivals, commissions, composition competitions and opportunities for area educators, CCC strives to be at the forefront of choral music.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir provides a safe haven for young singers. Through the welcoming environment, each child is valued and accepted. Need based tuition assistance is made available throughout the year and outreach programs are developed to meet children in their communities focusing on underserved. Singers explore diversity in membership and repertoire performed providing opportunities to build personal friendships with others outside of their community, transforming young lives.


Participation in the program fosters joyful fulfillment, a sense of achievement, increased independence, confidence and leadership qualities in our choristers.


Through passionate and inspiring education and consistent evaluation, the children’s choir demonstrates artistry that is dynamic and respectful of historical and world music.


The Cincinnati Children’s Choir operates with responsibility and accountability to those who support and collaborate with the program whether they are stakeholders, volunteers, donors or families. We honor these relationships and realize the importance of open and honest communication.