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25th Anniversary Montage

Created by: Michelle Hanely, CCC Alumna

25 Reasons & Counting

CCC presents our “25 Reasons & Counting” series.
Celebrating 25 reasons why CCC has been a Queen City gem for 25 years!

Reason #1: Create A Community Choir For Our Youth

Reason #5: Auditioning is easy, & there's a spot for everyone!

Reason #9: Provide Passionate & Inspiring Choral Education

Reason #13: Bring CCC programs to the community.

Reason #17: Commission & Perform New Compositions

Reason #21: Build Up Every Singer's Confidence

Reason #2: Developing Singers' Artistry

Reason #6: Provide singers with the best artistic staff on the planet!

Reason #10: Build a choir family that welcomes all

Reason #14: Give Our Youth A Place To Sing Each Summer

Reason #18: Inspire Youth to Be Their Best Selves

Reason #22: Encourage Family Bonding

Reason #3: Help Singers Achieve Their Artistic & Personal Goals

Reason #7: Performing as one voice, one heart!

Reason #11: Prepare singers for the world

Reason #15: Collaborate With The Best Music Programs In The World

Reason #19: Help Singers Find Their Passion

Reason #23: Create Programs Where Singers Can Share & Create New Music Together!

Reason #4: Create a fun & safe space for singers

Reason #8: Be a choir that offers a world of opportunities!

Reason #12: Celebrating Our Past & Our Future!

Reason #16: Be Fabulous Mentors!

Reason #20: Create Friendships That Last A Lifetime

Reason #24: Develop Singers Known For Their Musical Excellence

Reason 25: Building Tomorrow's Leaders, One Voice At A Time!