Tuition Assistance is available on a limited basis, as the CCC budget allows. Please fill out all of the details below if you are interested in applying for tuition assistance. Tax Form 1040 or 1040A from the most recent tax filing and a letter (1 page max) stating specific reasons for the need must be included. All details must be provided in order for your application to be considered. Tuition Assistance deadlines: September 1st for Resident Choirs, and October 1st for  Satellite Choir programs, and February 1st for Spring Resident Choir singers. At their September/October/February meeting, the Board of Directors will consider the application and letter and the family will be notified by a representative of the Board.  All information will be presented anonymously to the Board and will be kept strictly confidential. Please contact Lauren Hess, CCC Executive Director, with any questions.

CCC does not offer other specific discounts however, families with three or more members will receive serious scholarship consideration for full or partial tuition if the application process is followed. If tuition assistance is granted, the child and parent will be required to fulfill 5-10 volunteer hours during the season.