We are now accepting registrations for auditions for the CCC Resident Choir Program’s mid-year, January 2018 starts.

Before continuing with the registration process, please review the descriptions and commitments to the CCC Resident Choir Program.  If you feel you may be unable to commit to the CCC Resident Choir Program, please consider our Satellite Choir Program, which meets at various locations in the Tri-State area and requires registration and a group audition at the first rehearsal of the session.

To proceed with registering and scheduling an audition for the CCC Resident Choir Program’d mid-year, January 2018 start, please complete the NEW SINGER REGISTRATION FORM. Upon submitting the form you will be given a link to schedule the audition.

If you encounter any problems in completing these instructions, please contact Jim Waddle at jwaddle@cincinnatichoir.org.